BES Trade has been a pioneer in developing next generation new technologies and ideas, leading advancements in the renewable composite products industry for over a decade, providing patented and patent pending innovative and state of the art solutions for a variety of industries, with main focus on manufacturing and supplying of construction related renewable composite products. 

Headquartered and operations in the USA, BES Trade has been rapidly expanding its multinational presence by setting its sights on new projects and lucrative opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Caribbean to harvest the ever-growing affordable housing and other construction demand in those regions with its uniquely designed product solutions.


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Why choose BES Trade?

The cost-efficient proprietary revolutionary products are ecofriendly and eliminate the need for the extensive consumption of natural resources such as wood or the raw materials forming the concrete.

It allows fast and easy design, development, manufacturing, assembly and installation of various types and sizes of residential and commercial buildings in a variety of location options.

  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Tremendous flexibility in design
  • Ideal to withstand strong earthquakes
  • Resistant to tornado and hurricane strength winds up to 225km/hr
  • Creates waterproofstructures
  • Fire resistant


A small impression of what you can do with our product.

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Erdal Demir

Sales Manager

Sales manager in the following areas: Holland, Caribbean, South America.

  • +31 6 17 74 91 61
  • erdaldemir@bes-trade.com

Sammy Hassan

Sales Manager

Sales manager in the following areas: Egypt, Morocco, Libya.

  • +31 6 42 38 36 31
  • samhassan@bes-trade.com


  • Boterdiep 12 3077AW Rotterdam

Sammy Hassan ‘Sales Manager’ Egypt, Libya, Morroco:

  • +31 6 42 38 36 31

Erdal Demir ‘Sales Manager’ Holland Caribbean South America: 

  • +31 6 17 74 91 61